Texas Medical Center Emergency Notification

For any emergency or security issues at TMC, please
call: 1-713-795-0000

In the event of an emergency, TMC ALERT is used to alert TMC Employees and Member Institutions regarding occurring or threatening conditions that allow persons to make personal choices regarding their safety and security.

This TMC Alert Webpage will serve as the primary location for emergency information and ongoing updates during an emergency situation. Other existing systems, such as Mass Notification Systems used by Member Institutions, and Houston Office of Emergency Management, security notices, electronic message boards, sirens, other Member Institutions websites and social media will continue to be used as part of TMC’s overall emergency communications strategy.

TMC Employees are encouraged to enrolled in TMC ALERT using their TMC email address and their TMC phone number, in addition to their cell phone number. Users may enter additional phone numbers by which they wish to receive voice or text alerts.

Member Institution employees and guest are also encouraged to enroll. TMC ALERT will be used only for emergencies posing an imminent threat or danger to the TMC community or a segment of the TMC Community. Remember effective emergency response requires personal preparedness and planning. We encourage you to update your personal preferences for TMC ALERT and update your emergency plans at the same time every year.

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